Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jean Charest vs Stephen Harper

The Tories have been saying that we should have one voice as a sovereign nation. However, Jean Charest has attacked Stephen Harper more than once on his environment stance. The Conservatives don't even plan to reduce emissions at all and Stephen Harper is saying that the provinces should all shut their mouths on this issue? This is not right. If the government is not willing to solve an issue, than it is up to others to do the work. Besides, Charest wasn't telling lies about the Tories' environmental platform, he was just telling the hard truth. If Stephen Harper is not willing to save our future, then we will.
A war of words has erupted between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the premier of Quebec, with Jean Charest tearing a strip off Ottawa's environmental performance.
In 25 years in politics, Charest says, he's never seen a federal government rely so heavily on the White House before taking a position on an issue, with Ottawa now saying it will model its climate policy on Washington's.
Charest says the Harper government has displayed hostility toward environmentalists.
And if there are any hard feelings after the Copenhagen climate summit, Charest says, it's the federal government's doing.
"They are totally responsible for what happened at Copenhagen," Charest said in an Tuesday interview with TVA, a French-language news network in Quebec.

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  1. The more they get together, together, together
    the more they get together the happier they'll be.


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