Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prentice says deal is a "turning point"

Our environment minister Jim Prentice says that this deal in Copenhagen is a turning point in history. This is the truth. It is a turning point, but not for the good. This deal will allow countries to pollute more and more. As demonstrated by the leaked documents, the Tories do not want to keep our miserable targets and want to abandon it completely. This non-binding deal allows countries to have their own targets. This cannot be good for our future. What we need is strong, ambitious reductions in emissions.
Mr. Prentice said the summit achieved a key Canadian goal of including all major emitters in an international agreement. He contrasted that with the predecessor Kyoto Protocol, which required no commitments from developing countries such as China, India and Brazil, and which the United States refused to ratify.
“I think this Copenhagen Accord will turn out to be the turning point in history,” Mr. Prentice said in an interview with The Globe and Mail. “For the first time, we have a firm commitment from all the major carbon emitters to put themselves into an international treaty.”



  1. Yes it is indeed a turning point. The point at which the Harper government can turn its back on Canada and the Canadian people and instead turn to the Oil Barons and Ed Stelmach, wink, and proclaim "Mission Accomplished."

  2. Copenhagen is at least a start. Radical change never happens quickly, and is almost always extremely disruptive in many ways. Finally, only when there is a realistic price put on carbon at the source will consumption of carbon start to go down to be replaced by alternative sources of energy.


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