Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Harper says "he will not raise taxes"

Harper said December 22 that he will not raise taxes. Well I've got a quote for you "Read my lips: no new taxes." That quote was from Gorge H.W. Bush who in a recession, raised taxes after he said he wouldn't. Now do not get me wrong I do not think Harper would raise taxes, but really in a way he is. The HST (harmonized-sales-tax which combines the GST and PST) does in a way raise taxes. Think of it the tax on some objects on some things only have the PST tax. Now with the HST you will pay double on your tax. So, in a result some company's items that only have one tax will be less applying,so in really you are raising taxes and you are not helping the job market. Now here is the truth, this does increase tax on certain items and does not effect the rest, but the HST is only given in provinces that want it. Thankfully, Quebec not one of does provinces (only in British Colombia and Ontario).

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  1. Some of the Atlantic provinces already have the HST from before.


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