Thursday, December 10, 2009

Taking Our Part

On December 7, environment minister Jim Prentice said that every country must take its part in reducing emissions. I hope that's what Canada's going to do for we haven't reduced emissions at all. On another note, Henry Aubin wrote an opinion piece in the Gazette today. It shows how Alberta and Stephen Harper are not trying to reduce pollution. Our sacrifices are being washed away by the Alberta tar sands.
It's striking how little hollering there is about Alberta's sanctimonious insistence that it make only minor improvements. Granted, it's not surprising that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in favour, seeing that Alberta is his power base. But you'd expect less acquiescence from Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, whose party holds no seats in the province and has little chance of picking up any no matter how much he fawns. As well, the Globe and Mail, which claims to take global warming seriously, editorializes that the oilsands production should be allowed to escalate, albeit more cleanly (as if that could make a big difference).

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