Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Torture Files

Finally, the Harper government has released the Afghan torture documents. However, they are heavily censored. Whole pages are blacked out. Why can't the Harper government release the full and uncensored documents? How is torture a security issue? It's more of a human rights issue which must come first. These prisoners could have been tortured and/or killed in jail. Some of them were innocent. Everyone under Canada's rule deserves justice for all.
However, the package confirms the Star's report last Wednesday that the emails dated in spring 2006 were sent to then-foreign affairs minister Peter MacKay's office, and flagged alarm over detainees handling on behalf of the International Red Cross Committee — the world humanitarian organization entrusted by the United Nations to monitor prisoners of war.
MacKay says he wasn't briefed until May 2007 on Colvin's emails, but insists there was no "credible" evidence of a real risk of torture to any detainee handed over by Canadians, though his senior Afghan advisor at the time concedes it was widely known that abuses happened in Afghan prisons.

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