Sunday, December 06, 2009

Copenhagen: what good will it do?

We all know that soon many countries will go to Copenhagen, but what good will it do? Canada and the U.S will only join at the end of the meeting. If you think any world leader is just going to come and say there going to change their position and go for much lower CO2 goals than you have to much trust in your politician. I would hope that would happen, but the only good this would do is show us what every country has to show about there commitment. There are 6 major polluting areas in the world Canada, the U.S, Europe, Australia, Russia and eastern Asia (China,India and Japan), and most ratified Kyoto (U.S signed then declined), but E.U is the only one close to getting to there goals. All other countries are lagging behind. It's one thing for Canada to show leadership on the environment but it's another thing not to follow the leaders on the environment. If Stephen Harper calls himself a strong leader, than he should first learn how to follow.

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  1. Vanilla Milkshake7 December 2009 at 09:05

    Once the world runs out of cheap oil, consumption of fossil fuels will drop dramatically. When we are paying $10 per liter for gas it becomes too expensive to use personal transportation. Forget about cap and trade. High market prices for oil will take care of everything.

    It is probably too late anyways to prevent climate change for this century anyways. High prices will help in the next century.


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