Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Conservative Campaign of Control

Was this really necessary? Stephen Harper has taken another step in his campaign to control everything. On Sunday, a woman was booted out of a rally for the Tories because she had "ties" to the Liberal Party. By this, the Conservatives meant that this political science student had a Facebook photo with Michael Ignatieff.

The actual action of kicking someone out doesn't make any sense, but why in the first place were the Conservatives screening the Facebook page of people attending their rallies. Some would call it a fair security measure. I call it intrusive and some would go as far as to call it spying. Stephen Harper is trying to run a perfect campaign and this is a gaffe that happens when the need to control everything gets out of hand. I predict that it will be this control-campaign by Stephen Harper and the open campaign by Michael Ignatieff that will be the defeat of Harper's majority hopes.
Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is accusing Conservative Leader Stephen Harper of performing more rigorous background checks on people showing up at his campaign events than advisers he hires in the Prime Minister's Office. 
Ignatieff's verbal jab at Harper comes after reports the Conservatives threw two university students out of a Conservative rally in London, Ont., on the weekend.
Read more at CBC.

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  1. "Nearly six out of 10 respondents agreed with the statement “Stephen Harper scares me”

    My good deed for the day.

  2. Meanwhile in other news, Liberals eat their own.

    Stephane Dion was unceremoniously tossed under the bus by his fellow Liberals shortly after the last federal election and failed coup attempt.

    Liberal convention scheduled for June right after the current federal election.

    Next leader for the Liberals, Bob Rae.

    Say good bye Iggy.



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