Friday, April 08, 2011

Facebook Democracy!

I used to actually like Harper a little when it came to a few issue's. Like Israel and how Israel has the right to defend itself, but for a vast majority I of his policies I don't like, but I always wanted to one day just see him. I think of it as an honor to see any PM of Canada even the one's I don't agree with, because it is an honor to see the leader of a country. But some leaders I just don't want to talk to ever, and now Harper might be added to that list. What he did to those two people at his rallies was something very much below democracy. I mean if some people are on the fence about who they should vote for and they want to hear what one leader has to say then they should be able to. But to have a back round check right before you can see a candidate is disturbing. These two just wanted to hear him, but Harper seemed to have another sense of democracy. Facebook democracy were you can only see the candidate if you have no absolute affiliation to all the other parties or leaders. Now I still would like to one day maybe see Harper, but fortunately for me I have the toughest Facebook privacy settings, And if you are going to Harper rally you should do the same. I am glad Harper apologized for what happened, but I also hope that this never happens again

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