Friday, April 08, 2011

We Will Suffer Because of Our Environment

We have not taken care of the environment and we will soon pay the price. The Tories have no intention of lowering our greenhouse gas emissions, not even to fulfill our feeble target. Water pollution is rampant around the country because of weak regulation. The resource of life will become scarce in the future and we must protect it.

None of the three main parties have good environmental platforms. However, the Conservatives are the worst. If we elect that government again, quality of life will diminish thanks to the poor environment. Only the Liberals can boot the Conservatives out of power and only the Liberals can improve (maybe not greatly) Canada's environmental policy.
Canada’s failure to do enough to protect the environment could jeopardize its citizens’ long-term quality of life, warns a report from an organization that measures the nation’s wellbeing. 
“We are not yet in crisis, but the warning signs are clearly evident. The need for more monitoring is very clear,” says Roy Romanow, chair of the advisory board of the Canadian Index of Wellbeing.
Read more at the Toronto Star.
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