Saturday, April 23, 2011

NDP's Double Standard!

 Jack Layton says that the Liberals don't support a national pharmacare system that is somewhat true. The Liberals support buying in bulk the drugs so that they can get it for a cheaper price instead of each province buying individually. The idea of buying in bulk is a main component of a pharmacare system, but the Liberal party not even the NDP have a national universal pharmacare system in there platform. I support a national pharmacare system. It is substantial cost effective, and lowers the raise in drug prices.a universal drug plan would save the federal government 10 billion in health care spending. (That's enough for Harper to buy his mega prisons). But the NDP have a double standard they are attacking the Liberals for having no national pharmacare in there platform yet the NDP platform on drugs is practically the same to the Liberals. It's like Harper saying that Canada can't afford the Liberal plans for families, and still spend billions on mega prisons and fighter jets (wait a minute). The NDP and the Conservatives are playing double standards accusing the Liberals for not having a good platform when the NDP platform on drugs is very similar and the conservative plan on the deficit makes no sense compared to the fiscal responsible plan of the Liberals.

Read more about a national pharmacare system here
Read more about the NDP on Pharmacare here


  1. I guess the NDP really are in second and now going for first. Its a sure sign when the LPC and its supporters turn on the NDP. Usually they like to treat the NDP as the little kid brother, laugh it off.

    The laughing isn't working anymore.

  2. Laughing? You shouldn't be laughing neither. the only thing this NDP surge is accomplishing is an easy road for a Harper massive majority. Fair Vote Canada has them projected at 201 seats and pretty much forecasts a Bloc collapse.

    Pollsters and pundits seem to agree with this assessement.

    None of this surge translates to seats; just mega vote splitting favouring the Harpercons.

    The NDP won't ever govern, this is a center-right country--second most right winged next to the US in the industrialized world.

    If the NDP helps the Harpercons in annhililating the Liberals and the Bloc, what is there to celebrate? It won't matter who's in official opposition to Harper majority. Parliament and gov't will be Harper's to do as he pleases. That far right agenda will go through.

  3. Ok CK if your problem is vote splitting then switch your vote to NDP. There problem solved us NDP voters are voting for more then just to stop Harper. If this is the only reason to vote then you switch your vote.

  4. ha ha ha ho ho ho hee hee hee

    nothing to panic about

    surely they'll tank and your team will pull ahead

    let's just see

  5. Well, by attacking first on this issue, it makes them look better on it, which is all the NDP's really looking for at this stage.


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