Monday, April 11, 2011

I Would Not Have Watch the Debate

That is if it wasn't moved to Wednesday. The French debate was originally scheduled for Thursday, but it just so happens that Game 1 between Montreal and Boston would be at the same time. It's obvious who would win. Gilles Duceppe took the initiative to propose a change to the date. Good for him. It's a win for our democracy when this happens as more people will watch the debate.

Personally, I would have probably watched the series between Montreal and Boston if the debate wasn't moved. Playoffs time has come and all Montreal fans will want to see their beloved Canadiens battle the Bruins, me included. The rescheduling of the debate makes sure that everyone wins and hopefully the Habs too.
Politics and hockey went head to head Sunday and, in the end, the nation's winter pastime held the bigger stick. 
The parties and the broadcast consortium producing this week's televised leaders debates have agreed to move the French-language debate — originally scheduled for Thursday — up a day after a conflict arose with the NHL playoffs.
Read more at CBC. 

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  1. I'm working @ home so I can watch out here in Vancouver. Man I hate those Bruins


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