Monday, April 04, 2011

Programs without Higher Taxes? Thank-you Harper

The Liberal Platform was released on Sunday, the first time in history that a leader of a political party has released the platform, streaming the event live, while taking unscripted questions from across the country. This was a true Open Mike. Already, and even before the platform was released the Tories have already said that it will raise taxes for all Canadians. That is simply another lie from the Tories.

Harper made it quite easy for the Liberals to propose new and great government programs without raising taxes. All that was needed was to stop his tax breaks for wealthy corporations and other spending gone out of control. All that was needed was to redistribute the spending to focus on helping Canadians instead of multinationals with billion-dollar profits. Thank-you, Prime Minister, for making it incredibly easy for Liberals to install new government programs, without raising taxes.
HALIFAX—Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is promising a family-friendly, green tinged election platform he says will “turn this country around” — and return Liberals to power. 
Waving a copy of the 94-page platform high in one hand, Ignatieff got a rousing welcome from supporters in the Nova Scotia capital as he rhymed off its pledges, including its emphasis on helping families throughout their lives, from early learning to strengthened pensions.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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  1. These comments would be great to share on too.

  2. "tax break for wealthy corporations..."

    You're kidding right? The cortorations own that money, that they earned fair and square.

    You Libs are so out of it, it's pathetic.


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