Saturday, April 02, 2011

Ignatieff is on the Rise

As the campaign moves on, it's evident that Stephen Harper has a problem. His method of command and control has worked before; making sure he gets into no trouble. But, Michael Ignatieff does not choose to abide by these rules. The Liberals are running an open campaign where leaders and candidates take unscripted questions from the public and from the media.

Ignatieff is gaining more and more popularity and so is the Liberal Party. Going around and actually meeting and listening to Canadians allows the public to see Ignatieff like he is, not what the Conservative attack ads portray him. Of course, this does not mean that the Liberals won't have problems later on in the campaign, but if they keep this up, the Tories will have to watch their backs.
Stephen Harper looks like a man afraid to lose. And Michael Ignatieff looks like that most dangerous of opponents: a man with nothing to lose at all. 
Of all the federal leaders, it was Mr. Harper who came into this strange and sudden spring election campaign from a position of strength. Leading in the polls, with the benefit of experience and a well-oiled party machine behind him, he was supposed to steamroll right over Michael Ignatieff.
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  1. I do think that Ignatieff has run his campaign very well so far even though some of the polls do not indicate overall movement, but there is selective movement.

    I think the Liberals are taking a two part strategy. The first part involves weakening NDP and Green support. While not attacking the NDP and Green Party directly, Ignatieff is presenting some policies that will attract left-of-centre voters. Already, the Liberals have gone from about 24 to 30 percent support in one week. I think after the debates, the Liberals will go strongly after "progressive" Conservative supporters that will demonstrate to them that the Liberals will be sound economic managers that will benefit Canadian families while at the same time respecting Canadian democracy.

    If things go well for Ignatieff and the Liberal Party, I don't think Conservative support will decline until after the debates.

    Several weeks ago, I indicated on different blogs that if Ignatieff campaigns well, we will see the poll results changing. I think we are starting to see the changes.

  2. Part of what is working in Ignatieff's favour is that the Tories emptied their revolver with the attack ads. They put them up early hoping to paint Ignatieff in a negative light. The problem is that the ads have been on so long that to most Canadians the ads are now background noise and having no effect. Since Canadians are now just ignoring the Tory negative ads in the same way as any other ad that's be playing for months means that the opposition in general and the Liberals in particular get to generate the narrative.


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