Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Debate is Summed Up in One Word


The outcome of the debate was completely predictable. Each leader was just repeating what they have been saying for the past few months. Harper kept saying that the economy was the main focus. Ignatieff hit hard on government transparency and Layton was his usual self, saying only the NDP are competent. Gilles Duceppe... was Gilles Duceppe.

Even though some people might claim there was a "winner" to this debate, I do not think there was. Every leader made good points, but there was no sustained attack or depth attack. It was a politician's heaven: an attack free-for-all.

As for the performance, Ignatieff did better than I thought he would, though I would have liked him to spend less time attacking Harper and more time explaining Liberal policies.Stephen Harper was pretty good, standing his ground, mostly by completely denying what his opponents said. I did not think Jack Layton did a good job of showing the NDP as a true alternative. Gilles Duceppe was the only one who provided entertaining parts as he has nothing to lose in the English debate.
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  2. "Ignatieff did better than I thought...."

    LOL Come on now, stop trying to lowball what we all know happend. The hype all you guys were saying over here was that the debating demi-god Igantieff was going to curb-stomp Harper into absolute oblivion. Andto compound that failure, not only did that not even come close to happening, but the leader of the 4th party absolutley eviscerated him about his attendance record. Go look at Roy's third link; Ignatieff looked like he just got tasered after Layton blindsided him.

    Ignatieff "exceeded expectations", but he needed to do more than that to win, and he didn't even come close.

  3. I think average Canadians have life pretty good right now, so they cannot believe that Harper could be lying as completely as he does about everything. The debate lacked a credible voice of authority to unquestionably demonstrate that he is contemptuous of democracy and Canadians in his lies. His lies are to benefit himself, not his party or his country.


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