Friday, April 15, 2011

It's Gettin Close!

In the latest polls have the Liberals winning Ontario by a small margin, but the first poll to give the Liberals a win in quite a while in the rich seat region of Ontario. In the national view the the lead is shrinking. The poll has Harper 5% above the Liberals. This could put us back to the small minority years of 2006. Although I hope Ignatieff will form government a much smaller Harper minority may be what Canada has to deal with for another 2 years. But if some polls are any indications we may be heading towards a Liberal Government. Although this is no where near possible, There is still about 3 weeks of campaigning left. And we have yet to see a poll after the debate's, and the debate's are one of the major events of the campaign. Even if we don't win a government we will absolutely be the strong opposition and the clear alternative to the Harper Goverment in "Harper's" democracy.

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