Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lie again

Harper in all his ads is saying that the Liberals would want a ipod tax that would total 75$. First such a tax would be very extreme considering a classic ipod cost around 200$ this tax would be very high. Higher than the sales tax combined! The thing is the Liberals don't want an ipod tax the so called Liberal tax on ipods is just made up. I know Harper likes to make up his own truth, but come on! A tax on ipods! The Conservatives might as well say that Ignatieff supports sending Canadians to the moon. The word iPod I don't even think is even mentioned in the whole Liberal party platform. The Conservatives are desperate I see since they have nothing to really attack Ignatieff on they are just going to make up stuff now.This is lie number 1,000,000 (I think maybe he is lying more), but I will keep keeping the conservatives accountable to there lies during the election and hopefully I won't have to after the election.


  1. Well, actually the liberals do want to send canadians to the moon. And who knows, maybe they do want an ipod tax and they are the ones who are lying

  2. Actually, this tax used to be a part of the Liberal platform (ca. 2006?). It was a proposed solution to the problem of pirating music, where the artists would be compensated with this tax for losses due to piracy. I believe it was also touted as a possible solution to the DRM problem (DRM prevents the transfer of the file. The downside is that people can't transfer music from their computer to their iPod, for example). Whether or not this is a part of the current platform, at one point it was a part and it may very well be one in the future.


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