Thursday, April 07, 2011

Green's not in debate!

I find it incredible that you can represent almost 1 million people and not be in the debate. The court won't Elisabeth May in the debate. I still am hooping to see her at the debate. She just got in last election. And now she has even more support than 2008 and they won't let 900,000 Canadian voices to be heard. The Green Party has proven that they are a strong party. They have proven that they are a major political party it is just by circumstance that there support is spread out the country. But if do the math they could get many seats. In the last election the total amount of votes is 13,834,394 if you divide by 308 (the number of riding's) each riding in the last election had around 44,917 votes in total. The Green party got 937,613 votes in the last election. Now in order to get a seat you just need to get more votes than all the others parties which could be 29% or in some circumstances lower. But let's see how many seats the Greens could get if we divide there votes into a few riding's. So let's say that in order for the Green party to get a seat they need 50% +1 votes in a riding. (44,917 divide by 2= 22458.5 a majority is 22,459) Let's see how many seats the Green could get if you took there votes and pushed them into those riding's. (937,613 divide by 22,459= 41.74) To be fair I will round downwards. So if you take there votes and put them in the right places the Greens could get 41 seats more than the NDP currently have. It just goes to show the Green party is big enough to be on the national debates. In fact the amount of votes to be an official party in Ottawa is only 269,508 votes the Green got almost double that in 2004 and 2006. The Green Party deserves to be in this debate.


  1. The Greens have no seats nor are they anything other than a 1 trick pony.

    Last time around there was significant public pressure put on the networks etc. to include her in the debates. This time around no one cares.

  2. I'm so freakin happy the Greens have been booted out. To all those on the Left who support them being in let me ask you "how many ways do you think we can split the Left vote before the Conservatives start getting Majorities almost by default?"

  3. To:
    I believe that May has a RESPONSIBILITY to participate in the debates and that the other parties have a responsibility to ensure that she fulfills this duty.

    The benchmark for participation should not be if a member is elected, but if the party is receiving a direct subsidy from the electorate.

    As the GP won almost 1 million votes in the 2008 election, they receive almost $2 million in direct subsidies from the taxpayer.

    I demand to know what the GP will do to justify receiving this money.


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