Saturday, April 09, 2011

Cuts to the Wrong Things

The Tories have come out with their platform. It is not really that bad, but there is one thing that bothers me. How can they support billion-dollar tax cuts for wealthy corporations, billions for F-35s and other stupid spending while cutting on 80 000 civil servants. And that's only what they say they're cutting. The Canadian Labour Congress estimates that it will require cutting even more government programs to fund their platform. How very convenient for the Conservatives to suddenly have to come up with extra money. You can say bye-bye to the CBC. The Tories are not telling us what they really want to do and if they get elected, it will be too late.
KITCHENER—The Conservatives are planning billions of dollars worth of spending cuts in a campaign pledge to eliminate the deficit a year ahead of schedule and deliver a $6.6 billion platform of tax cuts and modest investments. 
The platform, unveiled Friday in Mississauga, drew applause from right-wingers and fiscal conservatives, but warnings from the left about the size and targets of the spending cuts, despite Stephen Harper’s vow not to axe entire programs.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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  1. The 80,000 civil servants will not be laid off or fired, if you bothered to take the time to actually read something rather than just react you may have picked up on this.

    Upon retirement these civil servants will not be replaced, my guess is that nobody will even notice any difference, the perpetual coffee break crowd will not be missed.

  2. Face reality - Services will suffer. Programs will disappear.


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