Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The "platform" of Harper.

I read throw the Harper platform, and I was shocked! First they made a stupid Co2 target yet again. The sentence that was used the most was "the Ignatieff led coalition". Which again Harper should know a coalition is very legal in Canada. A liberal coalition is more democratic then a corrupt in contempt Conservative government. The Conservatives are promising an even more rosy deficit projection. Saying that there will be a surplus a year in advance. While the parliamentary Budget office is saying there is a structural deficit. The Conservative have no way to pay for there tax cuts to the richest companies, 10 billions in mega prisons and 30 billion in jets. How can we reach surplus if we keep spending crazy like that. Harper solution would probably be to cut into our health care and give us a more Bush health care system. Probably say that companies are taxed to much and continue to reduce taxes on the multinationals while giving nothing to t he average Canadian. If the Conservatives get a majority it will be terrible for Canada. And we will eventually hopefully elect the Liberals to balance the budget again. We need to get rid of the Conservatives how we do that. Elect the Liberals! They balance the budget, they spend responsibly and they help hard working Canadians.

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