Friday, April 08, 2011

The Only Carbon Taxers.

The Green party is the only party that supports a Carbon Tax. While the Liberals said no to the Carbon tax, Elisabeth May is still sticking to it. Now this brings up a question what is so bad about a Carbon Tax. Well apparently it's labels you and your party as "Tax and Spend". But I think sometimes people forget that in order to be given more programs like free health care people need to pay taxes. A carbon tax won't tax the average Canadian a carbon tax wants to tax the big major oil industries who pollute, because the price of oil isn't truly the cost of using gasoline. Although oil prices are going up or at least for now hovering around $100 this cost for a barrel of oil is too cheap for the real cost of gasoline. In order to truly understand the cost of oil we have to understand what Co2 does for the planet economically. With more drastic weather farming would dramatically suffer. Meaning countries or parts of countries that need a good rainy season to make there economy work will suffer. (ex: Saskatchewan) Also in California a study produced showed that smog pollution cost the state 521 million dollars! The Liberals are promising about that on Child Care. We have to look at hat pollution does to the economy. Pollution causes storms that stops a whole day of economic growth. Katrina completely destroyed the economy of New Orleans and the whole state of Louisiana as well. to much pollution in lakes or oceans can kill fish which will hurt the fishing industry in the east or even in the great lake region. We need to increase the cost of oil to it's true cost. The only way to do that is to make a carbon tax so that oil is priced at it's true cost. Some would say that it will make oil more expensive and increased the cost of living. I don't disagree with that. But that increase in cost is equal if not less then the cost we as a nation will pay for the climate catastrophes in the country, or the price of the fishing or agricultural industry going under. A carbon tax doesn't make things more expensive it rather tries to avoid cost in the future that you will have to pay , and the next generation as well.


  1. The Facts on Michael Ignatieff’s Carbon Tax

    He was the first to call for energy taxes:

    * “Taxes have to rise; there is no other way” — Ignatieff on using higher taxes as “solutions” for the environment (Kingston Whig-Standard, June 10, 1991)

    He campaigned for leader on imposing a carbon tax:

    * “We’ve also got to have popular, practical, believable policies that may involve some form of carbon tax, for example, to increase the penalties on emissions. The time for action really is now” — Ignatieff during a Liberal leadership debate (Globe and Mail, June 15, 2006)

    He took credit for pushing St├ęphane Dion to embrace a carbon tax:

    Craig Oliver: “Now you were the first leader, as a candidate [for] leader, to talk about a carbon tax and you took a little bit [of] heat for that. Do you still believe in a carbon tax? Of course you do.

    Michael Ignatieff: “I do Craig. I learned that there’s no punishment more severe in politics than being the first guy with a good idea but I’m glad, I’m glad our party seems to be moving that way.” (CTV Question Period – May 25, 2008)

    During a global recession the last thing Canada needs is a job-killing carbon tax that would disproportionately hurt working families and seniors living on fixed incomes.

    Michael Ignatieff can try to run from his carbon tax record, but he cannot hide from it. He is very much the Father of the Liberal Carbon Tax. Canadians will not be fooled.

  2. First Ignatieff doesn't support the carbon tax, and what is so wrong with a carbon tax.


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