Saturday, April 02, 2011

One Million in Four Days

That's what the Liberal Party has gathered from donations made in the first four days of the campaign. This is really unbelievable. It seems like the ads across the country are working. It also seems like the Liberals do have money and a lot of it. To sum up the first week of the campaign, I would have to say that Michael Ignatieff got off to a good start and obviously this shows in the amount of donations. However, this must continue if the Liberals want to even have a chance of winning. The choice in this election is clear: to vote for the Liberals. They just need to communicate the message like they're doing now.


  1. Nice work. So, why does the Liberal party need the voters subsidy?

  2. It's not about the Liberals. The voter subsidy was designed to create an even playing field - removing the ability of big business/big unions to bankroll their party of choice and then have serious influence on government policy.

    Frankly, I prefer my tax dollar supporting a more equitable, system that ensures democratic voices, are heard.

  3. I prefer my tax dollars not funding any of them.

    The tax breaks for private donations is generous enough. It is even more generous then the one charities receive. That doesn't change.

    Smaller parties do not receive the money. Independant candidates won't see any either even if he/she gets elected.

    I do not vote because I want to donate money to a party. Voting is a right and a responsibility.

    Tying funds to the act of voting cheapens the act. Political parties are too strong in this country. It is why the debates are so bitter and poisoned.

    This voting subsidy entrenches what is the biggest problem with our democratic process. It makes it harder for independant thinkers and new visionaries to battle the old conventional party system that has so crippled intelligent honest debate.

    The parties no longer need to bother with fundraising. It is an entitlement.

  4. Anon 11:37am.

    I prefer my tax dollars are not spent prior to an election being called for the Cons to promote themselves.

    The total vote subsidy from the 2008 election was just under $27 million. The Action Plan ads cost over $26 million is less than a couple of months. The $12 for attack ads was also spent prior to the election call and thus is in addition to what is allowed by the cap.

    The entire argument the Cons are putting forward becomes ridiculous in light of $1.3 billion for the G boondoggles anyway. Forget the shiny things, and focus on the real issues.


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