Friday, April 01, 2011

Strategic Voting!

I think Harper must be eliminated and the only way we truly can do that is voting Liberal nationally, but we shouldn't kid ourselves. It is true voting the Liberal is the best thing we can do to replace Harper, but in some riding's it the best thing we can do for the Liberal party is to vote for the NDP or the Greens. Now in most riding's across the country we should vote for Ignatieff, but in just a handful of riding's we should vote for the other parties. In Saanich—Gulf Islands according to The Green party is just 7% behind the conservative candidate, voting Liberal there would help Gary Lunn get reelected and give Harper another minority. In this riding we must in order to create a Liberal government vote Green to eliminate the Conservative party candidate. If you do the math having one more progressive MP and 1 less conservative MP will help the Liberals have a government as Harper has fewer seats, but just taking off Conservative candidate's in a few riding's across the country will not do it. We need to make a concerted effort to vote Liberal even in NDP riding's like Outremont, because if you do the math again the having one more Liberal and one less NDP does more to eliminate Harper then voting for the NDP. Because voting NDP and electing an NDP will just let Harper stay having a Liberal instead helps Ignatieff get elected and by doing that replacing Harper. We must vote to eliminate Harper, and the only way to do that is to vote Liberal across the country. Like in Brampton Ontario the Liberal just beat the Conservative in the last election. If we split the vote there we will get another Conservative. If the NDP voters and Green voters vote for the Liberals they will stop Harper and help replace him. In Helena Guergis seat because now they are splitting the right wing vote if the NDP and the Greens in that riding vote Liberal we can get that seat away from the conservatives or people who vote with the conservative. Make no mistake the only party that can replace Harper is the Liberals, but a seat that we should keep NDP is Linda Duncan seat in Alberta Liberals in order to stop Harper should help her get elected. We must strategically vote, but this only proves that we must put in place BC-STV or IRV systems so we don't have to vote for one candidate in the fear that Harper will get elected. IRV and BC-STV let's us vote are heart's instead of voting are fears.

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