Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hate Grandmothers, Love Billianaires !

The GOP will soon give a proposal that will include deep cuts into medicare! I would be happy that they are finally be realistic, But it's the GOP! There propasal would only start in 2021 in ten years! By 2020 the intrest on the debt will be 28% of the budget. About the same amount in 2020 that the U.S would spend on social security.Even more important by 2020 Interest on the debt will cost billions more than medicare. We need to change things now! not ten years when it is already too late. But even ignoring that the cuts would still be deep about 1 trillion! This cut to medicare is insane! But of course is neccesary, but of course the GOP don't care about the poor. Although this cut is very neccesary it still insane in the fact that the GOP wants to keep the Bush tax cuts to all americans. I say put the taxes back to where they were under Bill Clinton now. Then increase the tax on rich by even another 5% on the tax rate. Then raise the retierment age. make a national sales tax at 5%. Then end the wars. You can then balance the budget. attaking the poor, and giving the rich is backwards economics. The U.S must take action now not 10 years from now. The U.S must not live off the poor and make sure the rich pay

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