Monday, April 04, 2011

Liberals Fical Responsible!

When the Liberals make a plan to reduce taxes or spend money they at least have a plan to actually pay for it. The Conservatives just like inherting surpluses then spending it off on Prisons,jets,corprate tax cuts on the richest companies and the Alberta tar sands. And when they finnaly spend there wallets away they continue to promise more without having a single plan to pay for it. The Conservatives are fiscally iresponsible.  When the Liberlas promise something they know how to pay for there promises. The Liberals want to spend 8 billion dollars in two years. How will they pay for it. Welll first they would put corprate taxes at a competative level 18% and bring 8 billion dollars in funds. Other cuts like in subsidies to the oil sands will give the goverment 3 billion dollars extra after the spending to lower the deficit. The Conservative are saying we can have are cake and eat it two. They want to keep corprate tax at 16% and still spending billions of dollars in new spending and still call themselves fiscally reponsible. No Canada needs a party that can fund the programs without adding to the deficit. Who is fiscally realistic and doesn't spend billions on mega prisons and fighter jets. We need the Liberal party of Canada. the choice is clear a reckless, corrupt Conservative goverment or a fiscally responsible, clean Liberal party.

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