Friday, April 01, 2011

The Open Party and the Transparent Platform

The Liberal Party is continuing to embrace transparency and responsibility in government and the way the platform is going to be presented is a first. On Sunday, April 3, Michael Ignatieff will launch the Liberal Platform and answer unscripted questions in a national town hall. You can submit your questions here.

I was at the Liberal town hall in Montreal. It was really amazing watching Michael Ignatieff answering hard, tough questions on the fly. This really contrasts to the five questions per day Harper is accepting. He wants to minimize the chances of damages to his campaign. He even erected a fence to keep journalists away!

These two very different approaches to the campaign signify two very different parties. If you vote Conservative, you will get a secretive government that launches smear attacks against its opponents, even if they do not belong to a political party. If you vote Liberal, you get an open, transparent government, ready to provide information in an easy-to-access format to all Canadians. I think the choice is clear.

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  1. Unscripted questions? From questions that are submitted through the Lib party website?


    Don't get me wrong. The Lib party is trying its best but don't signal BS that they would unveil their platform with unscripted questions.That is ridiculous.


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