Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Advertising or Helping?

The Tories continue to waste Canadian money. Just last year, they spent about four million dollars on helping victims of crime, whereas this year, they spent six million advertising what they did to help victims.  Here again, we see Harper using taxpayers' money to promote the Conservative brand. That six million dollars would be better spent helping people instead of trying to get people to vote Conservative. But, that's classic Harper. The Economic Action Plan signs were huge advertisements of the Tories and many other examples can show that too. We obviously cannot trust Harper to spend our money wisely.
A taxpayer-funded Harper government ad campaign for victims of crime is shockingly hypocritical, since the Conservatives have spent more money on the ads than they have on actual initiatives to help victims of crime, Liberal Status of Women Critic Anita Neville and Winnipeg North Liberal Candidate Kevin Lamoureux said today.
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