Friday, November 05, 2010

Jim Prentice Resigns

Former Environment Minister Jim Prentice has resigned as cabinet minister since yesterday and wil resign as a Member of Parliament by the end of the year. He never really achieved much in the area of GHG reduction, but as Jack Layton notes, it might not have been his choice whether to take a harder stance on climate change or not.
... but I have no doubt that he must have had some frustrations dealing as minster of the environment with Mr. Harper who has never put the environment as a top priority at all, particularly when it comes to things like climate change and so on," said Layton "It's bound to have been very frustrating for Mr. Prentice."
Of course, nothing will change in the future with Harper at the helm.
Some politicians have hinted at corruption in the fact that Prentice is leaving for CIBC.Personally, I'm not worried over what some people call "close ties" with private companies in this situation. Mr. Prentice just decided to move on in his life and found a job at CIBC. I'm not calling foul right now, with the information we have now. But, who's going to replace Prentice? Well for now, him.
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  1. Yeah, I'm sure Layton has had nothing but touching concern for Mr. Prentice's welfare all this time. We see evidence of that everywhere. Gag me.


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