Sunday, November 14, 2010

Iran Lost Seat on UN Women's Board.

Iran a country that has one of the worst humane rights record in the world specially on women's Rights tried to get a seat in the UN board of Women's rights. Iran got trampled by another Asian East Timor. The vote was 36 for East Timor 19 Iran. Now East Timor is no angle when it comes to human rights although in there recent UN checkup on Women's rights it has done some work. Although I would rather have another country on this seat, but I would rather have a country like East Timor who is actually doing something to increase equality rather than a country that has absolutely no desire to do anything about Women's rights and has a even worse record than East Timor. Now If only we could kick out other countries like Saudi Arabia and Congo out of the women's rights Board. They to must be gone if equality is to be achieved.

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