Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"No Earmarks" say's Republican Leader.

Mitch Mcconnell said that he would support a ban on earmarks that many Tea party candidates support. This is strange considering Republicans were one of the biggest cause of earmarks in the Obama administartation. What some Republicans did was that they added earmarks and then voted aginst the bill then complained that the bill was a big waste of money (in fact more earmarks came from the Republicans then the Democrats) (considering that the Democrats had overwemmingly majority in the House and Senate). The only Republican I know who kept much away from Earmarks was John McCain who was anti earmarks a long time ago. I say if the Republicans ( all of them) and the Democrats can both agree on no earmarks then okay more power to them, but I think that there are some times the goverment can spend money without it being wastefull spending. Minor spending from the goverment that are within reason are fine.

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