Saturday, November 20, 2010

Where do Recylable items go?

The idea was that if you put plastic into that blue bin of yours than it would be reused and reused again and again, but a report shows that 80% of our recyclable stuff goes to China to be reused then put to make products around the world. I thought the idea was that the plastic bottles were reused and made more plastic bottles. I think that we need to have Canadian Recycable factories giving jobs to Canadians to recycle our plastic properly and ensure that we recycle properly, and not make products into one time use products that will be thrown out into the garbage. Now I am not discouraging recycling, because it is better that we at least recycle the product once rather than just throwing out the plastic.

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  1. Recycled items get sorted by material, cleaned, melted down, and sold to whomever is the highest bidder.

    If China is the highest bidder, then it means that they can produce the product with the least amount of inputs (energy, transport, human etc. In the economic (and actual) eco system, this is probably the most environmentally friendly thing to do.

    Like it or not, a small town of 20,000 does not have the industrial resources to reuse %100 of the recyclable waste you produce. Therefore it has to go somewhere else.


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