Tuesday, November 30, 2010

By-Election Results

I didn't predict this one. Then again, I'm no expert predictor. At this time in the polls, I'm going to call it. The Tories have won in their safe seat. Kevin Lamoureux won in Winnepeg-North and Julian Fantino won in Vaughan. I don't think many of us saw this coming. Of course, I don't think that much weight should be put on these by-elections, but this could dampen the morale of the NDP. They were ousted in a safe seat. Then again, also were the Liberals. The real winner in this is Julian Fantino and the Tories. For the Liberals and the NDP, I do not know what to make of this.


  1. LOL That seat in Vaughn was hardly "safe" for the Tories; that was you guys lowering expectations in order to soften the blow when you lost it. Nice try.

    Cut it and spin it any way you want - losing Vaughn hurt you more than winning Winnipeg North helped you, full stop.

  2. I am pretty sure he was talking about the *other* safe seat for the CPC.

    I am really not sure why a win where no one though the LPC would win, and a close loss in a riding everyone thought the CPC would win by a landslide hurts the LPC, but no doubt the CPC will do their best to tell us why tomorrow.

  3. Anon 1: spelling; reading comprehension - FAIL. (LOL)

    The post didn't say -- or spin -- that the Vaugh_a_n seat was the safe one; the context (process of elimination the sentence following names the other two seats) makes it clear that he meant the rural MB riding formerly held by Inky Mark.

  4. Ummm, ok... Anon 12:40 you realize of course that the safe seat referenced was Inky Mark's old seat not Vaughn right?

    Ok: Tally time...

    Tories: They have one more seat then they did before so they're the winners of the night. Not big winners since their star candidate barely eeked out a win and their main competition got a pick-up so no national momentum out of the night by my rational.

    Liberals: Neutral. Sure they lost a narrow race in Vaughn but they picked up a seat at the same time. Split decision means no additional national momentum for them either

    NDP: They have one less seat then they had before and no feel good story elsewhere. They're the losers of the night. Not sure what kind of affect this will have on their national momentum but if it's anything it'll be negative.

    Overall: Nothing has changed nationally. We're stuck in the same holding pattern that we have been for a while.


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