Monday, November 01, 2010

Mid Term predictions.

I saw Dr Roy's predictions where he said that the Republicans would gain 10 senate seats and 60 house seats. I think that is extremely optimistic for the Republicans. The Democrats according to the NYT has a 90% chance of winning the senate. The House I am almost certain will go Republican, but then again there are many swing districts. The best I see Democrats doing is winning both houses , and the Republicans have a very good chance of winning the House, but almost no hope in the senate. In the senate I am seeing around 51-53 Democrats, and in the House I am seeing 223-228 Republicans, but then again polls can change in seconds. I will be watching the election this Tuesday I hope most of you do to, and If your in the U.S  I hope you vote. There are so many countries where people don't have the right to vote , and it makes me sad to see only 40% of Americans voting on the mid terms.

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