Thursday, November 04, 2010

2010 is Over. Now 2012!

In the U.S the election for the midterm is over, and now the Race to the whie house begins now. You will probably see some presidetial hopefulles going to states like Iowa, New Hamhire and South Carolina are first statea to vote in the primaries. Now in one year the primaries start. That's right in American politics the race to the white house starts 3 years into the office and ends or continues on the 4th year. The U.S election takes a full year. From January ill the summer the two parties spend time picking who will run from the summer all the way around till the first Tuesday of November. Hucabee is currently the front runner in the Republican primaries. He ran last time in 2008. Romney is in second place he also ran in 2008 and Palin in Third place with 14% and Newt Gingrich at 12%. Funny thing is all these guys that by 2012 these guys woundn't of held any political office in years. The only one in the poll who will be still in office during 2012 would be Ron Paul and he is in 5th place in the single digit.
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