Monday, November 15, 2010

In Their Own Words

Someone has decided to open up a new blog dedicated to posting screenshots of Conservative blogs. It highlights what blogging tories write on a regular basis. Why does the blogger want to do this? According to "X," it's to draw attention to this "little known" group. There is already eight quotations on the webpage and it seems the author is out to make known what the grassroots Conservatives actually think. Some of it can be surprising. For example, the blog small dead animals provided us with: "what we need is an 'International Burn Ten Thousand Korans' Day."
According to one its more prolific members, Roy Eappen, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is appreciative of the Blogging Tories’ efforts, and has acknowledging that the group has not only “helped to counter a media that is not very friendly to the party”, but has “helped hold the party’s feet to the fire.” However, despite the group’s influence, it remains largely unknown outside political circles. The Blogging Tories in Their Own Words is an effort to draw attention to their writings and opinions.
Read more at the Blogging Tories in Their Own Words.
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  1. *Shrugs* It can work both ways. And it probably will.

  2. Sure it can, but the nuts on the right will say far more offensive things on a far more numerous basis then any on the "loony left".

  3. Yeah yeah Scott, it is such a subjective thing as to what constitutes "offense", so your assertion about just who is more offenseive is a matter of opinion only. It can go tit for tat, and I'm sure that can easily be arranged if the BTs were inclined; some bloggers are just grown up enough not to care to bother.

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  5. Well anonymous.. go nuts then.. go make a copy cat site, and we'll see what you can dredge up.

    As far as I'm concerned.. the quotes collected so far over at that site.. and what WILL be collected at that site will show the right wing "base" that influences the CPC so much according to him are way out of the mainstream. It will be good to point all those examples out.

    (Interesting and ironic too that you chose to stay anonymous.).

  6. Both Liberals and Conservatives can be offensive, and just because you may and I repeat may find that there are more offensive Right wing people then left should not in any way define the majority of the Conservative party nor the Liberal party


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