Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Story about The Story of Stuff.

Annie Leonard is the face of "The Story of Stuff" since 2007 she has made some video's talking about the problem with our world. I may not agree with a few  things she says, but she definitely is right we have to change the way we do things in the world. She has talked about issue's varying from Cap and Trade (and why it is bad) to water. Her idea's of making sure that we have a clean environment that works with the economy and not an economy based on what she calls "made for the dump" items. Made for the dumb means that companies make products that they know will stop working very soon so the buyer has to keep buying more of that product, and this creates a problem as we are throwing everything in the trash and it's not helping our environment. She gives create solution to the problems we face from making sure you take the extra second to look for good cleaner and healthier items. I recommend all of you to see her video's.

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