Sunday, November 07, 2010

New Poll

A new poll has come out from Ipsos-Reid showing that the Conservatives and Liberals are stuck in "trench warfare." Numbers have hardly deviated from the 2006 results: Liberals at 29% and Tories at 35%. There have been ups and downs in numbers throughout the year, but support just returns to where it was before. I attribute this to the beliefs Canadians have about each party. It seems like they have already found out what each party represents and seem to have no need to change their voting preference. Of course, all this could change in an election campaign. I personally think that there will be no election until 2012 because no party will advance in the polls.
OTTAWA — Almost five years after the 2006 federal election that brought the Conservatives to power, the two main federal parties remain locked in dreary political “trench warfare,” with neither gaining ground among voters despite bloody policy battles, the results of an exclusive poll conclude.
Read more at the National Post.
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  1. I'll vote for the Liberals again once Ignatieff is gone. He's not a Liberal he's a neo-con. I'll never vote Liberal with him as leader.

  2. Well, have fun with Harper as PM then. Enjoy.

  3. What Liberals do not get is that they figure people like me will vote for a crappy Liberal Party with an even worse Liberal leader simply because we don't like Harper. Hello? Take a look at the polls! Obviously that logic is unsound. I will indeed by very happy with another Harper minority if it means a leader other than Ignatieff and the Liberal Party FINALLY gets its act together. The sooner Liberals realize this (you'd think they would have by NOW) the better.


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