Friday, November 26, 2010

Fox News North Approved!

SunTV news has been approved by the CRTC. The right wing propaganda will continue to be spread throughout the country. We can already see this being done in the United States where Fox News warps, twists and takes out of context words that Democrats say, while projecting Republicans in a good light. Here, I can expect that SunTV News will praise the Conservatives while attacking the other parties. Likewise, it will accuse other media of "left-wing bias," a Conservative favorite.
Sun TV is now set to launch in mid-March, said Luc Lavoie, the head of the project. The launch was originally set for Jan. 1, but technical delays including later-than-expected equipment deliveries have slowed things down somewhat, he said.
The upcoming channel has been surrounded by some controversy, including an online activist group that objected to its launch.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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  1. "Here, I can expect that SunTV News will praise the Conservatives while attacking the other parties."

    If you switched SunTv news with "CBC" and Conservative" with Liberals, you will see how childish your argument is.

    CBC is far left and loves Marxism.

    Hopefully SunTv will be far right and will love "life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

    Clearly a big difference.

    One channel will promote "individualism" while the CBC continues its Marxist stance.

    What a huge difference between the USA and Canada.

    Here in Canada we are allowed :peace, order and good governance" which really has nothing to do with "freedom".

    Contrast that to the USA.

    See the difference in the Big Brother mentality.

    "Peace, Order and Good Governance".



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