Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Election results.

My predictions weren't to off, but the Republicans did grow at least 60 house seats like Dr. Roy Predicted with 13 undecided seats, But in the senate the Democrats have at least 51 to 47 with 2 states Colorado and Washington where the Democrats are head, but it is to close to call and in Alaska where Lisa Murkouski got enough people to write her name right and maybe get her to kick out the Tea party candidate. First the  Republicans won the House even with a Democratic Senate that doesn't have 60 seats to one party means that the Republicans will be needed in both chambers to pass there bills. Republicans made a big win today, but this situation is a bit tricky, because if the economy doesn't recover who do you blame. The Tea Party might get angry at the Republicans if they don't do anything, but people might get angry at Obama for not doing anything. Which brings me to the Clinton agreement. Where Republicans had both Chambers but not the presidency. If Obama can come together with the Republicans on some sort of deal like Obama did then great. Finally bybipartisanship. Well this night turned out bad for the Democrats. Some highlights of the night.
California didn't blow away pot, Harry Reid is back in power, Bill Owens still got reelected in NY, Tea party endorsed Democrat losses in Idaho and Obama's old Senate seat goes red.

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