Tuesday, November 02, 2010

I Hope to see Dems Win.

Even though polls showing Democrats losing the House I am still hoping that the Democrats pull off a surprise. If the Republicans get back in Government it will be a much longer less progressive Government. Democrats aren't great, but they still did much more progressive things then the Republicans. I do think that increasing taxes will have to happen, and must reinvest in there own country like many European countries. This might not happen even with the Democrats in power, but they'll be the closest one to it so far. Many Republicans believe that they can just reduce taxes and still hold a surplus. They think they can spend all this money and reform nothing and still make social services efficient. I am no Democrat. I am a Canadian Liberal, but since there is no true American version of the Liberal party the Democrats are the only one's close enough. There the only one's who see that change has to happen even if they do things half done or half wrong it's much better than all wrong the Republicans are offering. I know this may be last second on the morning of Nov 2nd, but I have changed my prediction seeing Democrats 51-54 in the senate and 230-235 Republican.I am still hoping for a Democratic House.


  1. I hope you are right...
    The USA cannot stand the selfishness of the up-tight RIGHT wing.

  2. The Dems will suffer large tonight. And they will lose the house but hold the senate.

    Tomorrow morning Obama will still be POTUS.

    I want to see O'Donnell go down large in Delaware and I hope to see Palin's bum boy Joe Miller get smoked in Alaska (even if it means that Murkowski hold the seat for the Rethugs). Anything that embarrasses Quitter Spice is fine by me.

    The interesting thing will be now that the Tea Baggers get in the house and senate, I look forward to seeing their great big proposals to cut spending. The reality is that they don't have a clue.

    Tea Baggers, you bought it, you own it.

  3. The Democrats are warmongers who mindlessly support the American imperialist policy in Afghanistan. Democrats are no different than the KKKonservatives in Canada.

    They deserve to lose.

  4. Are you comparing the KKK a hate group that is illegal to a legitimate Conservative party.


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