Sunday, November 21, 2010

Security vs. Incovenience

The new Scanners in Canada and all around the world have been given much criticism about it being to invasive. The criticism may have regrown with a recent passenger telling airport security during a pat down "Don't touch my junk". Now people should know these scanners are very important for people's security. People should understand that we have to have strong airport security if we want to stop terrorist attacks, but in the future the world will have to ask ethical questions on how far will we go to keep people safe. In the case of these scanners I find that they are necessary, and a majority of people agree with this in the U.S. In order to maybe stop future security measures countries across the world have to stop terrorism activities in some countries including in our own.  I am not supporting military action, but rather create more democratic systems in these countries to stop allowing these terrorist groups to continue to grow. put pressure on these countries to get there act together on terrorist groups or create sanctions on the government or dictatorship of that country.


  1. Oh,where do I begin?

    Airport security by high school drop outs, earning minimum wage, who gawk at naked bodies through scanners that may now cause cancer from radiation. Funny, when the scanners first came out, I blogged about it, wondering about risks of radiation exposure:
    I included pic; they do look anatomically correct.

    I had also predicted potential for traumatizing children, and now, what am I reading? Kids being having their privates touched by these flunkies. So, what kind of message does a parent send to kids? It's not ok for strangers to touch their privates but ok for someone in a uniform to do so? I doubt the psyche of a child understands the difference-it's creepy and traumatizing to them, no matter who is touching them. As someone who works for a Centre Jeunesse, I say it's child abuse.

    Furthermore, those machines don't pick up powder, liquid or plastic; ingredients for many of those crude bombs anyway. How useful are they really?

    Now the other part of your post? I'm going to be blunt. Can we have more critical thinking and less kool-aid, please?

    create more democratic systems in these countries to stop allowing these terrorist groups to continue to grow. put pressure on these countries to get there act together on terrorist groups or create sanctions on the government or dictatorship of that country.

    I'm going to pull a Dr Phil here: "How's that been working for us?"

    What you're suggesting is more imperialism and it doesn't work. If democracy were so great, why do we have to force it down the throats of other nations?

    Secondly, shouldn't we be fixing our own broken democracy before before even thinking of attempting to 'fix' it somewhere else? Both the US and Canada have long ceased to be democracies; we're now corporatocracies; plutocracies; fast headed on the road to fascism.

  2. CK

    First just because someone works at airport security doesn't mean there high school dropouts I am sorry that is a stereotype.

    Second Janet Nepolitana said in a statement on these scanners just recently that the amount of radiation that you get from these scanners are about the same as being on a plane for 2 minutes.

    Your whole Dr Phil analogy doesn't work, because we haven't been trying enough.

    I do appreciate the comment and thank you for reading.

  3. I agree with CK. This has gone too far. Since 9/11, only two potential bombers have made it aboard a passenger aircraft. Both of those were thwarted by passengers, not by security. And what about the recent laughable case where a young man slipped through wearing a mask of an old man? Please don't tell us the best and brightest are staffing those security posts. If that's true, we are in more trouble than we think.

  4. Anonymous we need airport security to keep us safe. True there are some small gaps in the system, but would you rather have an airport that doesn't do anything and just let's people right in without checking anything. I think that on 9/11 it would have been great to have these scanners and extra security measures to stop that attack. We need some sort of system that helps ensure a safe flight, and makes us comfertable. Although these scanners aren't so good at keeping people comfertable it is effective at making sure people don't bring bombs on a plane. I don't really care what we do (within limits) as long as we do something to stop the next attak that could kill hundreds if not thousands of people.

  5. It's not stopping attacks, it's deflecting them. That means that even though they might not strike where the security measures are in place, which is strictly passenger airports and airplanes in certain countries, they will strike other places.

    Radical newspapers have already started promoting attacking freight, to harm the economy.

    Also, how about public places. If it's not airplanes it will be somewhere else. No use giving up our freedom and still letting people get hurt.

  6. First airport security is just for airplanes, but other attacks in public is a diffrent story. That is why Airpost security isn't enough, but still nessesary. We need to tacle the core of the problem. Which is radical groups that live across the world. We need to stop them. By increasing pressure on coutries to control these radical groups, but also if you eliminate poverty and give good education across the world it will stop these groups in countries that are poor who take advantage of citzens who think that violence is the solution when there country isn't listening to them. In the case of homegrown terrorism some of it is caused by international groups, but most homegrown terrorism is very minimal, but can be delt wih simply if our goverment works on preventing these people from getting in the wrong group.


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