Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Staying in Afganistan. Okay!

Harper just stated that he will keep some sort of mission after the 2011 date. I have stated this before if we are asked to stay we should stay. I think that all countries should always have some sort of mission after 2011. NATO members shouldn't just leave Afghanistan we need to help make a military and defence. Harper made the right choice, but this issue of Afghanistan he was asked before only month's ago saying Canada will leave Afghanistan on schedule. I think it is right to have a presences in Afghanistan after 2011 we should always have some sort of foreign relationship with Afghanistan officials to check up on the country from time to time. The NDP on the other hand want to leave right now I say that's stupid Canada committed to something and it should follow suit to make sure it did the best it could. Harper is no angle when it comes to keeping commitments (ex: Kyoto), but at least he is doing something right.

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  1. Remind me. Just what did Canada "commit" to that requires us to stay in Afghanistan past 2011? If you need an answer, it's "nothing."

    Oh yes, Harper did promise we'd stay and fight until Afghanistan had a free and democratic government, human rights and especially women's rights were secured, the Taliban defeated and al-Qaeda trounced. Well, on our watch, the central government has become a criminal enterprise in which the bureaucracy, judiciary and security services are hopelssly corrupt and predatory; warlordism is restored putting an end to any nonsense about human rights and reinstating Islamist fundamentalism; the Afghan National Army bleeds out through desertion at roughly the same rate as we train them and the country has evolved as the world's greatest narco-state. Could we possibly be any more successful?

    Look, this adventure is now in its tenth year and all we've done is bang away on Afghans and continually fall backwards. No Canadian has the right to fanciful delusion when our people are dying over there for nothing.


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