Saturday, November 20, 2010

Canadians Support Training Mission

A new poll shows that a slight majority of Canadians support a training mission in Afghanistan after our combat troops leave in July 2011. I feel that we should have a continued presence in Afghanistan, but non-military. We should focus completely on humanitarian aid and development of the country. I don't see the training mission as a big monster: I can live with it. We just need to make sure that we don't end up on a slippery slope. We simply cannot abandon the civilians in that country. Humanitarian aid and development will allow us to help Afghanistan without putting a large number of Canadians at risk.
OTTAWA — An narrow majority of Canadians support keeping upwards of 1,000 troops in Afghanistan until 2014 to train Afghan forces, says a new Ipsos-Reid poll that also shows the decision is most popular with westerners and men.
Fifty three per cent of respondents said they support the revamped and extended mission, although there is a caveat. Slightly more than six in 10 said there should be a debate and vote in Parliament even if the new mission involves only training, said the poll, which was released Friday.
Read more at the National Post.
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  1. Oh Man! That war is unwinnable. Even the Soviets knew to pack up. It has nothing to do with helping girls and women. It has nothing to do with Bin Laden and his motley band of bushwhackers.

    I mean, let's put some reality here, this war is about big business; big corporations making a truck load of money. With that come some serious powerful lobbying. Also a big job program in the US:

    Yep; big employers; miltary and civilian.
    In Canada, it's not much different, I'm sure.

    As for the civilians, they want us out. Ever read Malalai Joya? She says life for women and girls is even worse with the occupation.

    We're propping up a corrupt gov't who would go to bed with the Taliban as soon as no one's looking in order to maintain power.

    Plus wasn't it recently discovered that Afghanistan now has lithium deposits? There's another 1 trillion other reasons to remain in Afghanistan.

    No wonder the terrorists are winning. They sure have tapped into America's two character flaws: greed and paranoia.


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