Monday, November 08, 2010

And Now Compromise.

Many Republicans in the Senate and in the House would like to destroy the Obama Health care bill. The half done bill that Obama Promised, and really who could blame him that is all he could get throw. Now the some Republicans believe that they can destroy the bill, but Obama still has the Senate and the Veto so forget it. Obama said that he wants now to compromise some parts of the health care bill and Bush tax cuts. Problem is that Obama is doing things half done (not full universal health care and only ending tax breaks for the rich) more compromising towards the right will be even worse.  Obama didn't do such a good job on the stimulus. He should have spend much more on investments. Obama isn't terrible he wants to do most of the things I have motioned, but because some Republicans he couldn't. Now I would like to see what they can compromise?
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