Friday, November 05, 2010

Why Keep The Bush Taxes?

Obama stated that he wanted to eliminate the bush tax cuts for the rich and keep them for the middle class. Now I think considering that the Bush tax cuts didn't work and can save the U.S 3 trillion dollars over 10 years. The republicans and also the tea party say that you need to keep the tax cuts. Here is where the Republicans make no sense. They want to keep the tax cuts that don't work and still reduce the deficit, so they would cut funding to education, Health care, state funding etc... Yet they wouldn't even want to talk about cutting military funding which is a major part of the deficit. Rand Paul won in Kentucky and told CNN that if you want to eliminate the Bush tax cuts then your in favor of a second great depression. Yeah in 1990's remember when the economy was booming the economy was prosperous and the government was holding a surplus, and all of this left with Bush. If Clinton could keep the economy incredible with his tax rate, and bush could destroy the economy with his tax rate I wonder which tax rate is better. The answer is simple eliminate the useless Bush tax cuts and spend that money in reinvesting our economy not a stimulus. Now that the Republican own the house I can say the deficit will stay. The U.S moving 10 years back.
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  1. Why don't we hear more about the Harper tax cuts?

    16 billion for the F-35 jets. a billion? for mega- prisons?

    What is Harper going to cut to get rid of our deficit?

  2. Probably our "useless" arts funding and our envirmoental protection. Oh and when the deficitr stays he will blame the Liberals for doing a bad job on the economy. Only giving him billions of dollars in surplus


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