Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Advertising Costs

The Harper government has spent 42 million dollars on advertising the stimulus package. I've seen some of these on television. This is a complete waste of government money. These are ads made to stir up support for the Conservatives. The Tories' reason for these ads is to communicate with Canadians about coming out of the economic crisis. There is no need for the government to do this kind of advertising. Chances are, if someone sees the ad, they are aware of the current financial situation. This is a complete waste of our money and should be stopped immediately.
OTTAWA — Federal departments have spent nearly $42 million promoting the Harper government's economic stimulus programs. Documents introduced in Parliament detail the massive wave of print, radio, TV and online advertising intended to highlight the Economic Action Plan launched in January 2009.
The advertising blitz includes everything from $110,000 in newspaper ads for the Agriculture Department's slaughterhouse improvement program to the $44,000 spent to wrap two Go Transit commuter trains in the Toronto area with the distinctive green and blue EAP logo.
Read more at the Ottawa Citizen.

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