Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ontario is going to ban toilets that waste water. Toilets are a way everyone wastes water. Water-needy countries cannot imagine how we can flush 13 litres of potable water each time we go to the can. This is a great initiative by Ontario. With the ever-growing population of the world, we cannot afford to waste this valuable resource. If we do not make the moves to conserve and save our fresh water, instead of polluting it, we will run out of it. There could be wars over water. There will be death. That is why we should all pay attention to our water usage.
Ontario is flushing away the SUV of toilets.
Water-guzzlers with tanks that use 13 litres for one flush will be outlawed in the province this summer.
Switching to a more efficient, six-litre flush can save an average household up to 35,000 litres of clean water every year, Environment Minister John Gerretsen said Thursday.
Read about it at the Toronto Star.


  1. Are the Liberal's going to tell me how many pieces of toilet paper I can use too?
    How about only using 1 ply instead of 2 ply?

  2. I am on a deep well and modern septic system. It's a closed loop. This sounds like another made-in-Toronto-for-Toronto policy. I can see the long flush registry coming.

  3. Low flush toilets in Ontario will not save the planet from wars for water or prevent us from running out of it.

    Urinals use even less water(only 1.5L).Perhaps all homes should be forced to have one.Hey it will save us one day from forcing us to trying to drink each others blood when the water supply eventually runs out.

    Double flushing fines. Hmmm.

  4. Funny how outspoken anon-o-mouse is on this topic.

    even the closed loop system requires lots of electricity (unless hand pumps are used)

    soon we will be flushing toilets with our own gray water (already happening in Japan)

    now that will give the malcontents something to kvetch about


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