Friday, April 23, 2010

Volcanos and Climate Change

It is seen that global warming can cause volcano eruptions in the future. How, you may ask. The answer is clear. Climate change will affect mostly ice cap volcanos. If a volcano has an ice cap, and with global temperatures rising the ice that covers the volcano and puts pressure on it will melt, and thus relieving the magma on the bottom. So the math is clear, because of human involvement the planet gets warmer then because of this the ice cap volcano's have less pressure on them thus magma is free. So let us not wait for the next volcano to ruin are lives lets make a change,and what better time then earth week. UPDATE, I vanillaman am retracting this post after much thought and debate and evidence that this idea of another Iceland volcano eruption is not going to happen because of this as i now know that the ice on the top of the volcano creates the ash so thus this statement is untrue thank you the readers for expressing your opinions and this goes to show how I lisen to many sides of a debate and change my mind as i see fit, and how I lisen to you the readers and am able unlike some people to change there minds, because of lisening to people


  1. You are kidding. Right?

  2. Are you serious? I have read that underwater volcanoes heat the oceans, which can affect climate. But global warming causes volcanoes? Do you also agree that inappropriately dressed women cause earthquakes?

  3. "So the math is clear, ..."

    Yes, the math IS clear and her it is. Sorry to burst you magma bubble

  4. I can only guess that this post is a joke or the author has absolutely no clue what he/she is talking about.


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