Thursday, April 29, 2010

Protect the Artic waters

WWF (World Wildlife Fund) says that there needs to be new regulations to protect the Arctic waters. The problem is that in the Arctic waters it was ice all year round, and many under ice resources were out of reach. Now that the ice has melted, many people want to try to get the fishes and explore for natural gas and oil. The Arctic Council is meeting in Greenland. I think that they should start implimenting systems that will protect the ocean from over fishing, save the local communites and animals from pollution by having strict rules over naturel gas finding and implement them fast.
In reviewing those regulations, the three reports say the current rules were established at a time when year-round Arctic sea ice closed off access to the natural riches beneath the ocean.
But as the sea ice melts, there will be more shipping, fishing and oil and gas exploration — and a rising risk of more environmental accidents such as oil slicks, according to the reports.
"What is important is that our political leaders take a serious look at what … we need to secure that there is enough protection for nature and ecosystem functions, but at the same time that there is a management system in place that allows us to use the marine resources in the Arctic in a long-term sustainable way," he said.

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