Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The federal Tories have two weeks to provide Parliament with the full uncensored documents. It's been a long fight but we finally won. Today, the Speaker announced that the Conservatives would be in violation of the privileges of Parliament if they didn't provide the documents. Though the documents wouldn't be made public, the opposition MPs would still get to look at them. The MPs have two weeks to sort out a compromise or the speaker will assist in it. I'm sure that the opposition will not back down from seeing the full uncensored documents. They may compromise on other demands.
OTTAWA—The speaker of the House of Commons, charged with settling a power struggle between the Conservative government and the opposition gave both sides two weeks on Tuesday to sort out their differences.
Peter Milliken announced his decision after opposition parties asked him to find government ministers guilty of contempt for refusing to hand over uncensored files on people detained by the Canadian military in Afghanistan.
Read more at the Toronto Star.

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