Saturday, April 10, 2010


Four months ago, our oh-so-great environment minister proclaimed Lancaster Sound in Nunavut a one of a kind place teeming with wildlife. He moved to protect it and set aside 5 million dedicated to this mission. But now, the government is searching the area for petroleum and natural gas. So which one to the Cons want to do? Protect or harvest and destroy? Well, from their track record, I would say that it's full steam ahead! We all know that the Tories support mining the land until it is destroyed so why not the sea?
But the geological research project he's heading in Nunvut is part of an Arctic-wide program touted by Harper in 2008 as key to Canada's economic future and his government's "use it or lose it" strategy for asserting Arctic sovereignty.
It shouldn't be "use it or lose it," Canada's strategy should be conserve it or lose it. Because if we don't protect the site form an environmental point of view, it will be lost for thousands of years and the generations to come.

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  1. You've obviously never worked in the north before.

    Eco idiot's said the same things about the diamond mines.

    Whining bed wetters, all of them.


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